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Commuting Made Easy

Let your bike do the work
Backpacks can sweat your back and throw off your balance. Invest $30 in a rack and bungee cords to carry your stuff. Or choose a messenger bag that rides low on your back.

Get equipped
Use a mirror. Use a white headlight and red LED taillight, if you plan to ride in the dark. Carry a pump and extra tube, just in case. Leaving your car at home, you'll recoup these expenses in no time.

Develop a clothing strategy
Short commute (< 2 miles): ride in your work clothes - cool down with a splash of water.
Medium commute (2 - 5): Carry a fresh shirt in a rack trunk or messenger bag.
Long commute (5+): Drive a week's worth of clothes to your workplace on Monday.

Plan your route
Choose minor through streets, such as 17th Ave., Hilton Ave, Brown Ave, or South Lumpkin. Avoid the busiest roads, such as Manchester Expressway and Veteran's Parkway.

Letting rain and cold temperatures stop you? Don't be silly!
Fenders keep your clothes clean on wet roads. A raincoat keeps you dry enough. A helmet visor keeps rain out of your face. In the very cold, keep your hands and ears warm with gloves and ear muffs.

Go dual mode
Many METRA buses now have bike racks. Take the bus for part of your commute; cycle the rest.

River Valley Regional Commission, Active Valley

NEW! Columbus Cross-Town Cycling Routes:

Route 1
Columbus Public Library to Uptown Columbus
(about 5 miles)
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1. Exit East Side of Library
2. Left (north) Boxwood BLVD
3. Straight across Macon Road
4. Continue north on Auburn Avenue
5. Left (west) Cross Country Hill
6. Left (south) Wells Drive
7. Right (west)17th Street
8. Continue across Hilton and through Lake bottom Park
9. Bear Left (southwest) Linwood BLVD
10. Left  (south) 6th Avenue
11. Right (west) 12th Street
12. Left (south) Broadway to Uptown Columbus

Route 2
Columbus State University (CSU) Main Campus to CSU River Park Campus
(about 6 miles)
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1. Exit Campus to south
2. Right (west) College Drive
3. Left (south) Sue Mack Drive
4. Right (west) Lynda Lane
5. Left (south) Madden Drive
6. Right (west) Country Club Rd
7. Left (south) Oak Avenue
8. Right (west) Gerard Street
9. Left (south) 18th Avenue
10. Right (west) 17th Street
11. Bear Left (southwest) Linwood BLVD
12. Left (south) 6th Avenue
13. Right (west) 12th Street
14. Left (south) Broadway
15. CSU River Park Campus at Broadway and 10th Street

Route 3
CSU Main Campus to Columbus Public Library
(about 3 miles)
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1. Exit Campus to south
2. Right (west) College Drive
3. Left (south) Lindsay Drive
4. Right (west) Edgewood Road
5. Left (south) Auburn Avenue
6. Continue across Macon Road
7. Continue south on Boxwood BLVD
8. Right into library parking lot

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