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Safety and Health

Cycling and pedestrian activities are rewarding and healthy, but are not without significant safety risks.  Knowing the risks and safety measures associated with your chosen activity is the best way to prevent accidents and thus injuries or even death.  It is important that ALL members of our community familiarize themselves with the rules and courtesies that make cycling, hiking, running, and walking a safe and enjoyable activity in our region.

Below are links to websites and publications that address safety issues associated with cycling and pedestrian activities.  Young or old, novice or experienced, a review of this information will benefit everyone who leads an active lifestyle in the River Valley region.

River Valley Regional Commission, Active Valley

Safety Publications, Links, and Resources
Georgia Bike Sense Guide

Georgia Bicycle Law Enforcement Pocket Guide
from Georgia Bikes!


River Valley Regional Commission, Active Valley


Participating in cycling and pedestrian activities provides many health benefits.  Even small increases in light to moderate activity will produce measurable results, including reducing obesity and its serious health risks.  It's simple: if you cycle, run or jog, hike, or just walk, you'll shape up and be healthier and happier.

Below are links to websites and publications that address the health benefits of leading active lifestyles.  Whether you live here or are visiting our community, get out there and get active!  Your mind and body will thank you!

Health Publications, Links, and Resources

Beyond the Gym: Promoting Health in Public Spaces
from America's Byways May/June 2006 Vistas newsletter

Mature Adults: Be Healthy, Walk Safely




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